Volunteers in Action

Reclaiming the carpark – July 2023

Our carpark, situated to the rear of the main building and annex, has become overgrown and technically ‘shrunk’ in recent years as the wonderful power of nature has started to take over. A group of volunteers from the resident South Derbyshire and Ashby Woulds Amateur Radio Group took on the mission of reclaiming the space. Thank you so much to the team – we are very grateful.


Fence almost invisible and much plant life covering quite an area of tarmac.

As you can see here, the definitive edge of the tarmac has disappeared and flora is slowly encroaching, taking up much needed car parking space.

So far so good:

Here you can see the tarmac returning and the marks left by the plants.
Once upon a time there was a garden?
Yeah – fence!
Hedge has been trimmed right back so far…but more to do!