The journey so far…

In the early 1980s unemployment became a major issue in North West Leicestershire and South Derbyshire when the coal in the Leicestershire Coalfield was coming to an end. Many collieries closed between 1983 and 1991 along with industries and services related to them. Many miners and their families were imagining very bleak futures. 

At the same time, between 1984 and 1991 funding in a national initiative, to improve opportunities and training for unemployed adults geared to their local community, could be applied for from the Department of Education and Science through the Replan Programme. A programme that was so appropriate to help with the decline in mining. The Council for Voluntary Service in North West Leicestershire applied…and Moira Replan was born in 1988. It was inaugurated 35 years ago in recognition of the anticipated needs in the North West Leicestershire areas arising from the closure of the coal mines during the 1980s and the consequent expected rise in unemployment and associated issues.

As it developed, the communities found Moira Replan a friendly place with a welcoming open door for those seeking help and advice, those looking for activities or to study or those wishing to form or join a group. 

Since that time, Moira Replan has evolved and developed to become a Community Resource Centre providing training, services, information, space, courses and support for individuals, groups and the surrounding communities.  

Replan Community Hub (as we are now known) are a registered charity and have been known as Moira Replan since 1992. Changing our name to Replan Community Hub better reflects all the groups that use the centre – although based in Moira – our charity registration covers Ashby Woulds, North West Leicestershire and South Derbyshire. Replan is a registered community asset with North West Leicester District Council; assessed as a valuable asset to the communities to whom it serves. All are welcome. 

Moira Replan has been in the development of several projects including: 

  • New NVG Programmes for the National Forest 
  • Ashby, Measham and Moira District Volunteer Bureau 
  • Computing in the Community – Computer Training 
  • NWLCVS Mobile Outreach Team 
  • Outreach Workers Forum 
  • Community Education/Training Initiatives 
  • Various Advice Services 
  • Ashby Woulds Heritage Development 
  • Rural Skills Training 
  • Pottery Workshops 
  • Adult Education 
  • Art.. Painting and Drawing 
  • Forestry 
  • The Rural Childcare Scheme 
  • The collation and printing of the local newsletter 
  • Many many more……. 

Moira Replan has done this, and continues to do this by: 


Including the following facilities:

  • Caring, able and supportive members of staff and trustees 
  • Assessable accommodation – office space, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities etc. 
  • Pottery rooms and facilities 
  • Photographic facilities 
  • Printing Services 
  • Information and advice 
  • Training 
  • Opportunities to volunteer 
  • AWTC office and Council Chamber 
  • Parking for users 


Bringing together user groups, individuals, staff and trustees to share views on the best way to use and gain positive outcomes from Moira Replan facilities. 


Providing the necessary space and equipment to enable users, groups, and individuals to develop in response to their needs. 


Working with users, groups and other groups in the Ashby Woulds area and North West Leicestershire Community to enhance the work of Moira Replan. 

Moira Replan has liaised with or involved with the following agencies during the course of its work; some working to develop projects or activities. Others have provided financial assistance, equipment, or practical support:

  • Leicestershire County Council 
  • North West Leicestershire District Council 
  • Ashby Woulds Town Council 
  • North West Leicestershire Council for Voluntary Service 
  • Leicestershire Community Programme/ Leicestershire Training Agency 
  • Leicestershire Training and Enterprise Council 
  • Coalville Technical College/ Stephenson College 
  • The National Forest 
  • Leicestershire Rural Community Council 
  • The Conkers Project 
  • A variety of local businesses
  • European Funding initiative  
  • And many more …….